Futures Conference – M2013

Ev_tealM2013 is a 2-Day experience and conversation about the future. This year M takes place in Detroit on September 27-28. If you’re a thinker, activist, creative, mad scientist, designer, artist, educator, catalytic movement leader, entrepreneur, or anyone else who likes to imagine the future… you’ll be right at home. The conference portion of the experience has three main expressions.



General Sessions

The first is the general session. These sessions will touch upon the driving forces of change coming from Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Society, Technology, Human Development, Creativity, and Arts. Each presentation will be a short 12-15 minute talk that is designed to get the imagination flowing and prime your creative energies.




After the general sessions designed to expand the imagination, the audience will get a chance to extend their understanding and generate even more ideas by interacting with presenters in smaller groups designed for questions and discussion.



Deep Dives

The third expression is the “specialization”. These sessions are extended (45 minute) conversations, usually in line with a sponsor and usually along a particular interest, affinity, or industry.

For example,

  • Educators will have specializations hosted by Bruce Umstead, Director of Education Technology for the State of Michigan Department of Education.
  • Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise will have specializations hosted by Romy Gingras of Gingras Global.
  • Leadership, Creativity, and Human Development professionals will have specializations with Erwin McManus.
  • Faith Movement Leaders will discuss issues related to the future of faith with facilitators Guy Stevens and Andy Sikora.
  • Artists, performers, and promoters will discuss issues related to the artistic life hosted by Voxtropolis creatives and promoters.

At M2013 these specialized conversations will be set within a broader context that is both future-oriented and creative. Currently we have four sponsored specializations: The Future of Education, The Future of Faith, The Future and Social Enterprise, and Art and Creativity.



Registration for M2013 includes passes to Voxtropolis (Friday night, 7PM-10PM).

A participant can expect to have their imaginations expanded, their humanity affirmed, their minds opened and prepared to deal with complexity and change.

Register now and enjoy an Early Registration discount. Businesses or organizations desiring to sponsor a new or existing track, please inquire at info@theimn.com.

Registration is open.
Businesses or organizations desiring to sponsor a new or existing track, please inquire at info@theimn.com.


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