The Faith Track at M2013

A few years ago, when I was considering taking a certificate course on Strategic Futures at the University of Houston, I asked Peter Bishop, a UH professor of sociology and then director of the Future’s program, if he thought that Foresight had any relevance for churches and faith leaders. He answered, churches have a future too.

When it comes to the future, Christians are often identified with pop-culture references like the “Left Behind Series” or with “end of the world” predictions and milleniallisms. M2013 is designed to help faith movement leaders think about the future in dynamic ways that IMPACT THE PRESENT. The M experience is designed to get you thinking out of the box by immersing you in a multi-disciplinary conversation about the future.

M places a faith-track directly in the midst of a broader cultural conversation about the future. The design is to cross pollinate the imagination of all participants with ideas that come from other domains of thought whether that domain be economics or entertainment, politics or pop culture, education or video gaming.

This year at M the four major tracks of thought will be “the future of education”, “the future of entrepreneurship”, “the future of faith”, and “creativity and the human future”. Think of M as a kind of cost effective and friendly “TED-like” experience to help you and your team get your feet into the water of culture.

In this future oriented context, participants will also take deep dives through “specializations” directly related to their needs and interests will be discussed. I write this post to people of faith because you may be like me wondering if a conference on the future has any relevance to you. My answer to you is that thinking about the future is relevant to all of us.

In terms of the faith track, for example, Erwin McManus will lead a specialization on CREATIVITY and Leadership Development. While relevant to every registrant, this specialization will have special relevance to faith leader. Alex McManus will lead a specialized session for the Faith-track on the “life-transformation” economy.  These deep dives will be supercharged as the provocative general sessions allow new connections to be made between the practice of faith and the emerging futures.

The flow of the experience for your team — and for every participant regardless of which track they’re in — will go like this each day:

General Session Presentations — short BIG IDEAS given during the general sessions

Questions and Answers — debriefing and DISCUSSION sessions with presenters to unpack ideas

Specializations — content and APPLICATIONS for your specific industry

If you are a believer, pastor, or faith movement leader, this will be a professional development opportunity to which you can not only bring your staff but also invite the teachers, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and techies in your congregation. We hope you’ll take advantage of this unique opportunity and join us at M2013. Let’s get out of our ruts! Advance purchase ticket rates end on Sept 21.

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