Human Capacity Optimization (Syllabus)

When you're ready to embark on a journey to discover, develop and deploy your personal genius...
….When you’re ready to embark on a journey to discover, develop and   deploy your personal genius…


The art of cultivating human genius

The International Mentoring Network




Course Description
Emphasis is placed on leadership that focuses on the uniqueness of each person, their potential contribution in the context of community, and on overcoming the greatest obstacles to enhancing capacity.

Tools for discovering talent are explored and processes for developing talent into strengths are developed.


But talent isn’t enough. In the HCO certificate, talent is layered on a foundation of character in the context of community. Integrating talent and strengths with character (and the character development pathways) is a distinctive of the IMN’s process for building capacity into individuals and into teams.





This integration, along with the principles derived from the IMN’s field-based, action-research through MGames and the Creativity Lounge, sets the frameworks for the emergence of human genius in a creative, action-oriented way.




Integrating talent, character, and action-research with the IMN’s future-orientation integrates the convergence points of creativity, spirituality, and futurity and further differentiates the IMN’s process of building the capacity of teams and individuals.




Strategic Foresight


A final layer is exploring leadership development paradigms in search for models of future human transformation.





Strategic Foresight



Objectives (Upon completion, students will be able to:)

  • Speak about Human Optimization from action-based experience
  • Understand and explain talent
  • Suggest talent development options
  • Explain the Character Development Pathways
  • Understand and explain the mechanisms that unlock the Pathways
  • Understand Paradigms for Human Capacity Optimization
  • Execute a plan to overcome inertia and ignite movement in their context

Course Format and Schedule
Onsite Sessions: 3 days onsite for an immersive exposure to major concepts
Online Sessions: 6 online sessions scheduled before and/or after the onsite immersion

Required FieldWork
Audit – N/A
Certificate (time frame 4 months)
10 F2F interviews on Talent
10 F2F interviews on Character Pathways
Survive one round of an MGame and one round with a team

Required Documentation for Certificate

  • Talent — Work with coach to complete a “survey of Talent” encountered through interviews
  • Pathways — Work with coach to complete the pathways through interviews
  • MGames — Work with coach to survive a game and advance to the team selection level

Required Textbooks

Recommended Reading

StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Wrath

Uprising: a revolution of the soul by Erwin McManus

Makers of Fire by Alex McManus

Art and Fear, David Bayles






The Talent Code, Daniel Coyle



3-Day: Human Capacity Mentor
5-Day: Master Certification (Human Capacity and Strategic Leadership Combine)

Enroll with a deposit today. We will contact you and send you an invoice for the balance due.


Guide, Alex McManus

images-2From 1998 through 2006, Alex McManus served at Mosaic in Los Angeles, arguably the most creative community of faith in the country. Alex was the point pastor at Mosaic’s congregation that met in the downtown Los Angeles nightclub and eventually served as the lead navigator for all of Mosaic’s ministries both domestic and International.

In 2004 Alex launched the International Mentoring Network in order to equip leaders around the world in paradigm shattering, future-oriented, ideational and strategic leadership.

Alex has taught church planting through Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary at the Masters level, Futures Thinking at the Doctor of Ministry level, developed and taught a Doctor of Ministry in Entrepreneurial Leadership through Bethel Seminary, and served as a field advisor for Talent Development (StrengthsFinder) with the Gallup organization.

More recently, Alex offers Certificates through the International Mentoring Network in Strategic Leadership, Human Capacity Development, Creativity Advocacy, and Missional Leadership. He is the author of the new book, Makers of Fire: the spirituality of leading from the future, available on Amazon.


What They’re Saying…

 Alex McManus is like the proverbial canary in the mine – he has a knack for intuiting the future of faith in the rapidly changing environment of the 21st century.”  

 -Alan Hirsch

One of the voices that I listen to is Alex McManus. Read Makers of Fire and you’ll see why. He writes in a fluid and flowing style that calls out to something deep within us for more of God in this life and world.” 

-Bob Roberts

I’ve been involved with the IMN since 2005, and specifically since 2008. You’d think things would be repeating for me by now, but no, encountering an unfolding future means there’s always more to engage with and more I need to become. Twice per year, you get the opportunity to be a part of this. I’d just say, Grab it. One of the strap lines M uses is ‘You Belong Here.’ You really do.”

-Geoffrey Baines, Edinburgh

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