From Virtual to Actual in Human Capacity Optimization


Factor 3:

From Virtual to Actual

Here’s a recap…

Create action-oriented, experience 

Focus on “becoming” (vision + being + doing)


And now a third factor…

The third factor in Human Capacity Optimization
is to shift from the classroom to the wider context
of real relationships.

The genius of this can be seen in the Reality
TV show, The Apprentice. Rather than an
office interview, candidates for a job in the
Trump organization are given a series of
tasks to perform in the immediate context
of a team with whom to work and the wider
context of the real world in which to either
succeed or fail.

In a similar vein, we call MGAMES™ —
one of the social technologies designed
by the IMN — a “real” game.

MGames is a simulation of what being
on mission feels like. The user interface
for this real game is the most immersive
360-degree environment ever designed —
the real world. Your avatar for this
real game is yourself and your playing
field is your real life.

Because the game is focused on
personal and/or team missions,
it utilizes factor #1:
create an action-oriented experience.

Also, because the game is competitive
and timed, it creates a sense of urgency
and even crisis. These factors are
necessary for the brain to activate in
the way we desire.

Because the game creates an environment
for the player to live out — under a time
frame — the values she wishes to embody,
it utilizes factor 2:
Focus on becoming.

The emphasis of this third factor is context.
The game moves development out of the
classroom and into the environment in which
leadership will happen.

Leadership development becomes actual
rather than virtual. It becomes an issue
of the heart and not only of the head.
Rather than being a “presentation” of
leadership such as we might see and hear
in a job interview or in a classroom model,
it becomes a “manifestation”
of leadership in the real world.

More factors next time…

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