The Priority of “Becoming” in Human Capacity Optimization



From “doing” to “being” to “becoming”


As we stated in the first piece on Human Capacity Optimization,
Principle 1: The Necessity of Action-based Experience,” Human Capacity Optimization is a way of describing spiritual formation, discipleship, and leadership development.

The first principle is that
Immersive Experience that requires urgent action activates the brain in such a way that can optimize
human performance

And now, a second principle …

Focus on Becoming

Leaders who want to accomplish a task,
to win, to complete a mission
are often looking for that program,
that technique, that tactic, and that
strategy that will help them get it done.

They are doers.

In contrast, it is fashionable and common
today for some to take a step back from
such “driven” leadership styles.

It is not unusual to hear someone say, we
must focus on “being” not “doing”.

The idea is that “who we are” trumps
“what we do”. They prescribe starting
with the inner life before moving towards
the outer life.

But life is just not that linear.

We think there’s a third layer. In this layer
“doing” and “being” work together to form
an intricate weave which we call “becoming”.

Our website has this tag line: explore the
future you. This line is all about becoming.

Energy coach Jon Gordon tweeted recently,
“Don’t worry about your greatness in the future.
Just be great today.”

In this short proverb, Jon Gordon highlights
that our future self, our future being,
and our present self, our present being, is
bridged by the path of doing, the journey
of intentional action in the present.

In other words,
it’s all about becoming — the marriage of
being and doing with the preferred
“future you” in mind.

Here’s our point: when a person is
“becoming” their leadership is colored
by authenticity and becomes a source
of inspiration to others.

Vision + being + doing = becoming
Vision + becoming + mission =>
authentic and inspirational leadership

To paraphrase Jon Gordon,
do today what you imagine
your future, better-self doing.

That’s a combination of being —
who are you really? — and doing —
what actions and behaviors characterize
you — in order to actualize the person
that you would want to be on your best
day, not then but now.

Here’s a processing question:
What processes have you created or
adopted that create an environment
of becoming and how are leaders
within your context called upon
to be their best future-self today?

More principles next time…

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