When humans first discovered fire, they created the future. Makers of Fire is about embracing this heritage and stepping up to our role as a major driver of change.

As our species matures and reaches out to touch the stars, what do we take and what do we leave behind? In other words, as we turn towards the 22nd century, how can we create the future?

Join author Alex McManus on a journey through a galaxy of ideas. How can we navigate our culture of rapid change? What can Cain, Abraham, and Jesus teach us about leading from the future? Get ready to make fire.



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  1. Alby McManus Kiphuth

    If you are like me and get bored very fast and get tyredof reading about the same thing, you need to order MAKERS OF FIRE, you will never think the same about creation and future
    after this book.

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  15. alex

    Jacques, Thanks for your order!
    Check you inbox. It would have been sent to the same
    email you used with paypal.

  16. jacques bornman

    Hi guys, i just ordered and paid for a copy of the book through paypal. How do I get access to the pdf now?

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  18. Nic Nelson

    The “active sticky note” is a cool feature… I’ll try to keep my comments on topic!

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