Makers of Fire (Syllabus)

The art of leading from the future
The International Mentoring Network


Course Description
Learn to be fully alive to the present moment through thinking about the future. 

These competencies include

  • exercises in describing the present,
  • discussion about the three kinds of futures,
  • development of the three skills needed to lead from the future,
  • tools for imagining alternative futures, and
  • exploring the processes necessary to build personal and team complexipacity.

The distinction of the IMN training in strategic leadership is in exploring
the convergence points of creativity, spirituality, and futurity in ways that lead to transformational leadership.

Objectives (Upon completion, students will be able to:)

  • discuss the three kinds of futures
  • creatively describe the present
  • explain how each of the three kinds of future is created
  • unpack the three skills need to lead from the future
  • discuss systems and complexity
  • explain various techniques for imagining the alternative futures
  • discuss trends, issues, events, and creativity and how they relate to the futures
  • discuss the life-transformation economy
  • contrast a red ocean strategy and a blue ocean strategy
  • explain future artifacts and their present significance

Course Format and Schedule
Onsite Sessions: 3 days onsite for an immersive exposure to major concepts
Online Sessions: 6 online sessions scheduled before and/or after the onsite immersion

Required FieldWork
Audit – N/A

  • Development of a “Futures Wheel”
  • A description of the present across the STEEP
  • Development of 5 sources on the future of an industry or topic of your choice
  • 5 Environmental Scanning Hits



Required Documentation
Submit and present a Futures Wheel
10 posted Scan Hits


Recommended Reading for M101

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