IMN 2016


“The Immersion with Alex McManus was like nothing I had expected. It was one of the most intense, demanding, and deeply challenging experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve never generated as many creative ideas in as many days as I did that week. Immersion is exactly the word to describe the experience.”

Mark Juane



We offer customized coaching for individual leaders and leadership teams. We also offer multiple day experiences for leadership teams or larger groups.  At our immersions, we offer certificates such as:

Human Capacity Mentor (3 days)
Strategic Leadership (3 days)
Missional Leadership (3 days)
Master Class Certificate (5 days)

The HUMAN CAPACITY MENTOR Certificate will focus on discovery and development of individual and team genius, understanding and explaining character development pathways, horizons thinking, and will require 25 face to face coaching sessions in order to complete the certification. On the Human Capacity track you can expect conversation on How to discover your strengths, Aliveness Motivation, Developing Team Genius, How to develop servant leaders of courage, wisdom, and generosity.

The Certificate in STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP will focus on developing an understanding of how to think about the future, how to stay abreast of trends, how to look for weak signals of change, paradigms and how they can be tools to guide change or obstacles that can derail change. Five “trend spotting” scan hits will be required for certification. During the immersion, on the Strategic Leadership Track, you can expect to cover topics such as Trend Spotting, How to Anticipate and Shape the Future, How Social Change Happens, Mission-based Leadership, Social and Spiritual Entrepreneurship, and Paradigms and their effects.

The Master Class Certificate (Click here)

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No group of people would benefit more from a future-orientation than people of faith. Yet few people are as oriented towards the past as people serving within a church context. Ancient books, ancient creeds, ancient practices are a necessary part of the tradition. It benefits us to know how we got here. But we must push further…

The M network exists to orient those of you who are immersed in history towards futurity. You know where we came from, now its time to figure out where we’re going. IMN 2015 is designed specifically to help you expand your imagination, develop your personal creativity, ground your personal development within a future-oriented peer community, and deepen your “complexipacity” (i.e. your capacity to work with complexity).


As a team Herman DuPlessis (SA), Geoffrey Baines (UK), and Alex McManus (USA) assist leaders to make this shift. They partner within the M network and help our faith clients to think in new ways about problems, deliver innovative solutions, and, in the language of M, make the world human. Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise within both the business world and faith-movement circles, M goes beyond the norm to develop new insights and help you become the change you want to see in the world. Contact us at with your inquiries.

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