Do You Have 2, 3, or 4 Parents?

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Tim Skaar Boston, Mass
Tim Skaar
Boston, Mass

Scientists are seeking FDA approval for mitochondrial DNA transplantation in Human eggs. A woman, who may have eggs that show a disorder, can have mitochondrial DNA transplanted from a donor egg.

The “damaged” DNA is removed from the woman’s egg, and new health DNA is inserted from the donated egg. The result once this egg is fertilized is a fetus, and ultimately an infant with 3 genetic parents. This has been successfully accomplished in monkeys, and human eggs, and approval is being sought in both the US and UK to bring a transplanted and fertilized egg to full term.

The possible implications are endless. Is this a first step on the journey to designer babies? Might this lead to the elimination of certain disorders from the planet? Once these new combinations are introduced into the human gene pool, what unknown consequences might arise?


“Up till now, all babies have had two genetic parents. That could soon change.”

“We have developed a technique that would allow a woman to have a child that is not affected by this disease, and yet the child would be related to her genetically,” Dieter Egli of the New York Stem Cell Foundation told NPR in October.”


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