The Millennial Generation at Work

Topic: Millennials [aka Gen Y] (1980-1995) at Work

TESA: Technology/Entrepreneurship/Society/Arts

Finding: Many Millennial employees are unconvinced that excessive work demands are worth the sacrifices to their personal life.

Finding: Millennials do not feel entitled to special treatment.

Implications: How can organizations adjust to these new realities and still achieve their goals and objectives? How will new attitudes towards work/personal life balance combine with the slowdown of the developed western economies to alter overall productivity? Will increased personal happiness follow these differing values? What will be the cost or benefit to western society and/or global societies? How will this play out in the west as developing countries like China, India, and Brazil drive economic growth world wide?

Source: 2 Year Global research conducted by PwC, University of Southern California, and London Business School

Link: Global Generational Study

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