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 TOPIC: Self-Assembling Robot

TESA: Technology/Entrepreneurship/Society/Arts

FINDING: Small cube shaped robots — called M blocks — that can assemble themselves will get smaller and may become autonomous


Imagine coming home and entering an apparently empty room. You walk to the window and begin to sit down.  Tiny robots immediately begin to assemble themselves into a chair the rises to meet you as you sit.

It will seem like magic,  but it’s just 21st century technology at work.  The applications for this kind of technology are immense. Imagine an earthquake damaged building or a bridge about to collapse. Call in the swarm of M blocks and watch them solve how to support the structures and spare human life.

Could we also see swarms of insect like things taking over the planet?  Come on. That couldn’t happen.

Welcome to the future.


“In the future we envision … the modules …completely autonomously, in a distributed fashion, deciding how, when, and where to move… so we want to take a large group of cubes and tell them, “form this shape” …and have the cubes decide on their own how to accomplish that task.”


MIT News Office

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